Thanks to @mamabearmilkboosts for giving me the opportunity to try their lactation smoothies (and sorry it’s taken me a while to write this! Teething, poorly babies suck!) Normally I’m sceptical about trying things like this but I was willing to give it a fair try to see how things went. The flavours are utterly delicious, even the strawberry shortcake which normally I would never have entertained as I’m not a strawberry flavoured fan! The mocha muffin was my favourite, though I’d very happily have them all! I liked the ease of making the smoothies and the ability too add extra ingredients to them such as banana or berries to add extra goodness to them! Simple to prepare with a stick blender or a normal blender. The most important thing for me was that they were dairy and soya free as my son has allergies and all natural ingredients. Many other lactation products I’ve looked at contain one or both making them unsuitable for us to use. Plus being able to use any alternative milk was a bonus as the flavours were defined enough to not be over powered by the milk used. It did take a few days to notice much difference, though we are 9 months into our feeding journey. I’ve never been a “leaker” unless my boy hasn’t fed for a while, however after a few days of the smoothies (in a breastfeeding peer support course session I might add) not only did I leak, but I leaked through my bra, vest top and shirt I had on ๐Ÿ˜ thankfully the short was patterned enough not to be obvious ๐Ÿ˜‚ I also noticed that my pumping output increased too which is great as we’re building up a stash ready for my return to work! So I certainly enjoyed the smoothies, and felt that they helped give me a boost, even just making me feel that little bit healthier too, and they were yummy!