Day 6… breakfast made easy by blending the coffee cake smoothie mix with oats.. lactation heaven! 🥛 ☁️ ________________________________________________________Let’s talk about results… I’m totally the person who does not believe anything until I’ve seen it or tried it for myself. Minnie is 9 weeks now and I had problems initially getting my milk flow going because of a breast reduction years ago. This has been resolved but I have to work hard to express for 2 daily top up feeds. However… this morning was a game changer. I woke up and decided to express while Minnie was still asleep. I used the hakaa on the other side as I expressed. I’ve used the hakaa very few times because I barely get 10ml and found it disheartening when all the reviews rave about it. This morning I gathered 2oz in literally 10 mins! I couldn’t believe it 😱 so I quickly took it off and added it to my other bottle as I feared I’d drop it! In total I expressed for about 20 minutes and produced 150ml (5oz)… I’ve never produced so much in so little time so this is a big deal for me. This can’t just be luck so now I can happily say I have complete faith in these smoothies! Fingers crossed I get the same results again 🤞🏽 ☺️ 🤱 .