Bit late having my smoothie today, and had to use a hand whisk so not to wake the baby!! I was sceptical about the strawberry shortcake smoothie as I can’t stand fake strawberry flavouring, bit this was not fake at all ,it’s made with freeze dried strawbz ,so you get the seeds and little bits of fruit that rehydrate when mixed in.very very tasty,even my husband @jojojones9 enjoyed a sip! ( Although he’s concerned that he might start producing milk too, which would be amazing for the night feeds!!) Milk production wise, I’ve seen a definite increase in my chest size!!I couldn’t fit in my nursing bra this morning,which has never happened before, and although Fletcher still had a cold and is teething ,I feel like he is definitely getting enough, if you are concidering buying this product , I definitely recommend it, my only issue is what flavour to have tomorrow!!